[Blog] My incredible experience at Netzer Veidah

12 March 2020 – 16 Adar 5780
Martha Slater and Francesca Kurlansky at Netzer Veidah

12 March 2020

By Martha Slater

Earlier this year, I got the privilege of being able to attend Netzer Veidah – the decision-making forum for our global youth movement – in Jerusalem, as a representative of LJY-Netzer

I had high hopes and was extremely excited for Veidah, but even then it still completely exceeded my expectations.

Meeting all of the different members of Netzer from around the world – from Germany to Costa Rica and South Africa to Australia – was inspiring. It was fantastic to see other members so dedicated to Netzer, to discuss the problems we are each individually experiencing and being able to learn new skills from others. 

There is something extremely comforting knowing that Progressive Jews around the world are all facing similar issues. It gave me a new burst of hope, a sense that we are all in this together, as well as fueling interesting discussion about how the other branches are dealing with their problems.

I don’t think there has been a harder time to be a left-wing Jew, and after the recent British General Election, I felt deflated and not sure where to turn to. Netzer Veidah inspired me, and gave me new ideas on how to tackle these issues.

I had never felt so proud to be a Progressive Jewish Zionist. The conversations and discussions we shared opened my mind up to a whole new way of thinking. I was faced with alternative opinions which I had never considered, and it was definitely a learning process.

Due to my year, Kvutsah Aleh, not having the option to go on Shnat Netzer, Netzer Veidah was especially important to me, as I feel for those of us who don’t go on Shnat, the global movement can feel quite distant.

I would encourage anyone who is part of LJY to take advantage of the experience of Netzer Veidah if they ever get the chance (especially if you haven’t been on Shnat.)

I learnt so much, and it was a truly inspiring week. I am looking forward to taking back to LJY the ideas and discussions we shared to hopefully make the year ahead the best we have ever had!

Picture: Martha Slater at Veidah with LJY-Netzer movement worker Fran Kurlansky.


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