Mosaic granted permission for new Stanmore home

Mosaic Liberal Community's new Stanmore Hill home

2 February 2020

Harrow Council have approved plans for Mosaic Jewish Community’s new home on Stanmore Hill – creating a truly open and pluralistic community in which all Jews of different non-orthodox denominations, and those of no specific denomination, can find their home.

It will bring the three strands of tradition and practise from Liberal, Masorti and Reform Judaism into one building with an overarching administration, education, security and social hub.

A spokesperson for the community said: “Mosaic was formed in 2014 to choose a different path and moving to a new home has been an aspiration and essential part of our future, as our current and next generation of members move north in the borough of Harrow and to Bushey and beyond.

“This new flexible, multi-functional and sustainable building will exemplify the open ethos of the community, allowing each member to express their own unique Jewish identity in the prayer, social action, education and social activities, through choice, to reflect our ethos of ‘choose your Jewish life’.”

The building has been intelligently designed so that the community can reconfigure the space for up to five prayer halls for Shabbat and other services, 10 classrooms and a coffee shop / drop in centre with activity rooms, or as one single space for when the whole community comes together.

Mosaic will be working closely with Heronslea, a well-respected and local developer, to bring its new home to fruition.


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