New LJY-Netzer youth board formed at Veidah

LJY Netzer Bobag Board

8 January 2019

Members of Liberal Judaism’s youth movement, LJY-Netzer, have voted to form a new board at their annual decision making forum.

LJY-Netzer Veidah takes place each January and sees participants, from school year 11 upwards, get together to decide on LJY-Netzer policy and ideology for the year ahead.

The key decision this year was to form the movement’s first ever board (pictured). It is comprised of Bogrim (18-25 year olds) and Galim (16-18 year olds), using the combined name Bobag.

The board will be responsible for making big decisions for LJY-Netzer between events, as well as publicly speaking for the movement.

Members also selected a new tikkun olam project for 2019 – tackling anti-discrimination and hate-crime – and decided to introduce a session on able-ism on on the pre-camp training for LJY’s tzevet (staff team)

There were also sessions led by Citizens UK and Yachad, where participants learned about how to make effective change in the movement and were brought up to date with the current situation in Israel/Palestine.


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