Share your story – Celebrating 70 years of the NHS #NHS70

5 July 2018

Seventy years ago today, the National Health Service (NHS) was created and has played a vital role in the lives of everyone in Britain ever since. Find out more about what the NHS is doing to celebrate this big birthday at

Liberal Judaism is joining with people all over the country today, and throughout this month, to celebrate the achievements of an institution that shares and embodies so many of our movement’s values.

In line with the central Liberal Jewish principle of true equality – the NHS provides the best possible healthcare for everyone, free at the point of delivery, no matter their gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, belief or background.

We now want your stories, think pieces, poems, pictures and anything else you wish to send us to celebrate this incredible milestone for the NHS and its extraordinary staff.

Please email your pieces to and we will run them throughout the next few weeks.

To start this series, NHS doctor and Liberal Judaism Patron Dr Howard Cohen provides this poem:

Happy Birthday NHS

Seventy years, the biblical lifespan, which we hope to exceed with your help.

I am proud to have worked for you for thirty years, just a very small part of you.

You have cared for us.
Bought our children safely into the world.
Protected us from infection
Prevented our diseases
Occasionally cured our ills
Always comforted us, eased our pain and smoothed our passage.

Cradle to the grave.

You are your workers, from all backgrounds.
Coming to work each day to make the difference.
Based on our needs, free at the point of delivery regardless of race, creed, background, gender or orientation.

You heal our nation tikkun olam. You support the falling, rofeh cholim, healer of the sick.

Many happy returns NHS, we wish you good health and a great future.

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