New vice president, vice chair and officers elected at AGM

12 July 2017

Ruth Seager has been elected as the new vice chair of Liberal Judaism, being voted into the position at the recent Liberal Judaism AGM.

Ruth is a member of East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue and has dedicated most of her life to Liberal Judaism. She has taken on various roles in her community, and the national movement, including serving on the Board of National Officers (BoNO) for the last five years.

Ruth replaces long-term vice chair Jackie Richards, who has stepped down from the role and been elected into the position of officer with responsibility for small communities. Deputy chair Lucian J Hudson has left BoNO and takes the honorary role of vice president.

Liberal Judaism chairman Simon Benscher said: “Ruth is someone I have known, and worked with, for a long time. She has always been a driving force in our movement and I know she will now help us achieve great things as my vice chair.

“It’s been a pleasure working alongside Lucian for many years. As both a former chair and deputy chair of Liberal Judaism, Lucian helped make our movement what it is today and he continues to be a source of support and advice .”

Amanda McFeeters of South Bucks Jewish Community and Ros Clayton of York Liberal Jewish Community were elected as new Liberal Judaism officers at the AGM, while Rosie Ward was re-elected as treasurer and Robin Moss as officer with responsibility for youth and education.

Liberal Judaism’s other officers are Dr Howard Cohen, Graham Carpenter, Amelia Viney, Tamara Schmidt, Ed Herman and David Hockman.

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