Liberal Judaism’s Shaan is Stonewall role model

9 April 2017 – 13 Nisan 5777

9 April 2017

Liberal Judaism’s LGBTQI+ Project Manager, Surat Shaan Knan, has been named as a role model by human rights group Stonewall.

Stonewall – which campaigns for equality for LGBTQI+ people across Britain – celebrated Shaan’s achievements, along with those of 12 others, as part of Trans Day of Visibility.

A spokesman said: “We’re proud to work with lots of inspirational trans people. Sharing their stories helps to challenge prejudice and assumptions so that all trans people can be accepted without exception.”

Shaan is also part of the new Vision for Change plan, launched by the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group (STAG), which aims to ensure all trans people in Britain can live full authentic lives at home, at work and in public, free from discrimination or abuse.

Shaan, who sits on advisory group, said: “A Vision for Change is a document that everyone can engage with and use to understand the landscape of trans equality in Britain, and think about their role in progressing it.

“We still have lots to do, and I hope that everyone will join us on this journey, in ensuring that all trans people can live full and authentic lives not just in Britain, but across the world.”

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Shaan’s latest project for Liberal Judaism is Rainbow Pilgrims, a landmark iniatitve that discovers the hidden history of LGBTQI+ migrants in the UK past and present. To find out more, please visit

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