Enter our Music Composition Competition

30 December 2016 – 1 Tevet 5777

By Graham Carpenter (pictured)
30 December 2016

Are you a musician in a Liberal Jewish community? Have you ever composed music for use in your place of worship? If you have, then keep reading – if you haven’t, then this is your chance!

We are extremely lucky to have a growing number of keen and dedicated musicians in our communities, and over the next six months we will be running the Liberal Judaism Music Composition Competition to showcase the best new, home-grown, music.

All entries will be judged by a cross-communal panel, with a select few awarded a prize and performed at next year’s Day of Celebration. Where possible, all other entries will be recorded and made available to Liberal Jewish congregations. The entry requirements are:

• Must have Jewish content, for example an adaptation of a current prayer or text, or be inspired by Jewish tradition.

• Must be between one and five minutes.

• Must be submitted in full musical notation, with a recording if possible (we can help with this).

• Must be accompanied by no more than 300 words describing the inspiration behind the composition.

• Does not necessarily have to use a voice, but please consider the practical ‘performability’ of the piece.

• The composer must be a member of a Liberal Jewish community.

Please send competition entries, along with any questions you may have, to g.carpenter@liberaljudaism.org before 11 May 2017.


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