Suburban Jew? Then Rabbi Miri needs you

11 October 2016
Rabbi Miri Lawrence

I am currently researching for a PhD examining Judaism in the suburban home. My focus is on East End Jews who moved into the London suburbs after the Second World War, as well as their children who grew up in the suburbs.

A large part of my research will comprise oral history interviews and discussion groups, exploring the changes involved in the move from the East End into the suburbs.

I am interested in Jewish celebrations and practices in the home and how Jewish organisations, Kosher shops and schools were established to meet the needs of the Jewish community in the suburbs. I will include all levels of observance and affiliation.

My focus is on three areas in London – North-West, North-East and South London (Streatham, Kingston, Richmond and Wimbledon). If you or your family moved from the East End after the Second World War, or you grew up in these suburbs, and would like to take part in a discussion group and/or individual interview, then please contact me at

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