Stephen Fry saves Rainbow Jews

7 October 2014 – 13 Tishri 5775

7 October 2014

World-renowned actor and comedian Stephen Fry has donated more than £2,000 to Rainbow Jews to keep the ground-breaking LGBTQI+ oral history project running.

Rainbow Jews had been seeking to raise funds to continue its great work through an online crowdfunding initiative. With just two days left to run, and after already making one donation, Stephen gave the exact amount needed for the project to hit its target. The actor had earlier Tweeted his support for Rainbow Jews and encouraged his millions of followers to also contribute.

Stephen also sent a personal message, saying: “It really is my pleasure and pride to be able to help.”

Rainbow Jews founder Surat-Shaan Knan said: “Now that the two-year Heritage Lottery Fund grant has finished, we needed to find further aid to continue. Many within Liberal Judaism and beyond – including chairman Lucian J Hudson and Rabbi Richard Jacobi – had been very generous. But with just 48 hours to go, I wasn’t so sure if we could make it. Then Stephen’s donation came in. Words can’t describe how grateful we are.

“His support has really made a huge difference. Not only financially, but also helping us bring this hidden history to the widest possible audience. With Stephen’s help, we will now be able to continue serving the community ensuring that our history will not become our past.

“Hopefully the Rainbow Jews legacy will help especially young LGBTQI+ people from the various faith communities so that they can celebrate and live both of their identities.”

For more information on Rainbow Jews and how you can help support the project, please visit

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