Highlights from the current edition

Refugee plan goes global

A project by South London Liberal Synagogue (SLLS) to turn part of the shul into a flat to house a refugee family from Syria has won attention and support across the UK, Europe and Israel. Page 1, Read more

70 years of Liberal Jewish youth

In January 1947 a meeting was held that would establish a national Liberal Jewish youth movement that is now known as LJY-Netzer. Four Liberal Jewish leaders give their reflections. Page 3, Read more

Compassion in times of horror

Rabbi Pete Tobias writes a powerful commentary on his community’s Kabbalat Torah programme where today’s teens study Anne Frank and Lisa Jura, two talented girls who experienced Nazi rule. Page 4, Read more

Does your community need a grant?

Is your community or organisation looking for funding? If the funds you need will help support ‘the advancement of Progressive Judaism’, then the NLPS Trust may be able to help. Pages 6, Read more