You will be made very welcome and most Liberal synagogues have a special category of membership for non-Jewish partners.

Your children will be considered as Jewish, as long as they have a Jewish upbringing and education. The Affirmations of Liberal Judaism state that children of mixed relationships, between a Jew and a non-Jew, are “considered Jewish if so brought up”.

No distinction is made. Liberal Judaism recognises equilineal descent: namely, that individuals born of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother should be treated in exactly the same way as individuals born to a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father.
No. But what happens will depend on the age of the child.
Where the child is below seven-years-old, and will go on to have a Jewish upbringing and education, they are regarded as Jewish without need of conversion. The Liberal Beit Din (Rabbinic Board) will issue a status certificate, if required.
Where the child is over seven, Liberal Judaism would recommend attendance at religion school leading to bar/batmitzvah and Kabbalat Torah, at which point the child is considered fully Jewish. Again, a status certificate will be issued if required.
Yes. As in the previous examples, your children will be considered as Jewish, where they have a Jewish upbringing and education.
You are potentially Jewish and need to speak to your congregation’s rabbi as to how you can regularise your status – through study and attendance at synagogue services and participation in Jewish rituals.
No. If you have been brought up as Jewish, with some Jewish education, you do not need any formal ceremony to affirm your status. You are considered as Jewish.

However, some people in this situation feel it helps establish their identity by applying to the Liberal Judaism Beit Din for a certificate of status.

Regulations change, but at the moment a status certificate is not accepted as proof of Jewish identity. In this case, the Liberal Judaism Beit Din will issue a formal conversion certificate that will satisfy the Israeli authorities.
We understand that every family, and every situation, is different, so the best course of action is to speak to your congregation’s rabbi.
For a fuller explanation on Jewish Status and Liberal Judaism’s principle of equilineal descent, you can read this in-depth article by Rabbi Alexandra Wright.
For the full Affirmation of Liberal Judaism on this topic, which contains a lot more detail and history, and covers many different scenarios, please click here.