The Chair’s awards are presented to those members of the Liberal Judaism community who have served the movement at either a national or local level. This is a chance to recognise those within our communities who are doing wonderful work to support the values and principles of our movement.

A specially selected panel, with the support of Liberal Judaism’s Chair Simon Benscher, will select the nominees who will be presented with this award.

Key Dates:
Submissions for the 2018 Chairs Awards are now open.
Nominations close on Monday 30 April 2018.
Awards will be presented at the Biennial Weekend (29 June – 1 July 2018).

Nomination guidance:

The nominee should
   1. have served the congregation/movement;
        a) not necessarily as a national officer but having been one does not prevent being considered;
        b) on more than one occasion;
        c) at a national, regional or local level;
        d) over a number of years;
        e) with merit
   2. have wide recognition in the congregation/movement;
   3. be regarded with respect, affection and admiration in the congregation/movement;
   4. and have done nothing, publicly, that may cause reputational risk to the congregation/movement.

The following may not be nominated for a Chair’s Award:

   1. Vice Presidents
   2. Recipients of previous Chair’s Awards

Questions or Comments:
Should be directed in confidence to Simon Benscher ( or Rabbi Charley Baginsky (