Statement on the Orlando Massacre

13 June 2016

Statement on the Orlando Massacre: Sunday 12 June 2016 by Danny Rich,
Senior Rabbi and Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism

Liberal Jews learnt with horror of the tragic incident at the gay nightclub in Orlando. Our first thoughts are with the families of the 50 murdered men and women who set out to enjoy themselves last evening.

The attack, apparently influenced by ISIS, is an attack on all of us: gay and straight, white and black, Muslim and Jew, western and eastern. The perpetrator, Omar Mateen, is a murderous criminal and his actions are an anathema to Islam and to all persons of decent intent.

This outrage serves once again to remind us that vigilance and tolerance, security and education, and other efforts by all are required to defend and preserve liberal values include the sanctity of human life and democracy.

The thoughts and prayers of the members of Liberal Judaism and its constituents are with the victims of the Orlando massacre.