[Blog] We should not lose sight of helping each other

Rabbi Sandra Kviat 18 March 2020 We are living in interesting times, as the saying goes. We are all grappling with what the coronavirus means for us, those we live with and those we care about. We all seem to feel the same overwhelming need to act. In our house that meant … Read More

[Blog] Daf Yomi with Rabbi Aaron Goldstein – Part 2

Rabbi Aaron Goldstein 17 March 2020 Berachot 62a “The Gemara relates: There was a particular eulogiser who went to eulogise an important person in the presence of Rav Nachman. Of the deceased, he said: This man was modest in his ways. Rav Nachman said to him (the eulogiser): did you … Read More

Liturgy for concerns regarding the coronavirus

16 March 2020 As Liberal Judaism and our communities strive to provide guidance and reassurance to our members, there is an increasing demand for prayers, poems and other resources based around the situation we are currently in. During the coming period, we will be publishing prayers and liturgy provided by … Read More

[Blog] Inside the Leo Baeck Education Centre

Suzy Gold 27 February 2020 Recently I was fortunate enough to visit Leo Baeck Education Centre (LBEC) in Haifa. Having spent time acquainting myself with the website, I felt prepared and knew what to expect. Reading about an unparalleled, forward-thinking establishment in northern Israel sounded little less than a utopian … Read More

Crouch End father and daughter win EcoSynagogue Award

20 February 2020 Crouch End Chavurah’s Leah Bindman Cohen and her father Dave Cohen were honoured at the EcoSynagogue Awards 2020. The pair won a joint prize at the ceremony, held in conjunction with the Board of Deputies of British Jews, for their contributions in helping the Chavurah become greener. … Read More