An interfaith Chanukah celebration in Kingston

10 December 2018

Around 70 people attended an interfaith Chanukah celebration at Kingston Liberal Synagogue (KLS), as part of a Kingston Interfaith Forum initiative.

A special service, candle lighting and Chanukah tea was attended by members from the local Christian, Muslim and Humanist communities, as well as non-Jewish friends and family members of KLS.

Representatives from each community were invited to light one of the Chanukah candles by Rabbi Rene Pfertzel (pictured above with Beyza Coskun from the local Turkish Muslim community).

Jeremy Rodell, from the South West London Humanists, then hosted a discussion entitled ‘What does light mean to you?’ where attendees formed mixed groups to discuss the role of light in their different faiths and in everyday life.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed lots of festival food, including donuts and latkes.

“The evening was a really enlightening experience, if you’ll excuse the pun!” said Ricky Thomas, a non-Jewish friend of one of the KLS members. “It was so interesting to see how Chanukah is celebrated and wonderful to see the community share this with other faiths.”

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