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17 February 2019

Liberal Judaism’s Education Hub returns for its second term on Wednesday February 20 and will feature a special five-week course looking at Judaism and Islam.

Run by Liberal Judaism’s interfaith consultant Rabbi Mark Solomon, along with special guest presenters from both faiths, sessions will cover:

Week 1: Historical and cultural background with Rabbi Mark Solomon
Week 2: Contemporary Jewish and Muslim issues with Rabbi Danny Rich and guest Muslim speaker
Week 3: Philosophy part I – Saadya, Ibn Gabirol and Judah Halevi with Rabbi Mark Solomon
Week 4: Philosophy part II – Maimonides and Gersonides with Rabbi Mark Solomon
Week 5: Mysticism and ethics – Bahya ibn Pakuda and Abraham Maimonides with Rabbi Mark Solomon

Classes will take place on Wednesday evenings at the Montagu Centre, in central London, and are open to people from all faiths and none. Each session costs just £5 and a light supper is provided. You can choose to attended as many or as few classes as you wish.

With a deep commitment to interfaith dialogue, Rabbi Mark Solomon is co-chair of the London Society of Jews and Christians and a regular speaker at Jewish-Christian-Muslim conferences. He is also a senior lecturer at Leo Baeck College.

Liberal Judaism’s Education Hub seeks to provide opportunities to learn and think about Judaism, faith and philosophy. The new term runs from 20 February until 27 March (with no class on 20 March).

Other classes running will include:

• Introduction to Judaism & Biblical Hebrew with Rabbis Danny Rich and Janet Burden
• Leyning & Parashat HaShavuah with Rabbi Nathan Godleman
• Monthly Theology with Rabbi Charley Baginsky, looking at ‘The God of Rabbinic Literature’ (27 February) and ‘Does God Care about the World?’ (13 March).

Classes last for two hours, from 7-9pm, and include a 20 minute break. An optional ma’ariv (evening) service begins at 6:30pm.

For more information and to sign up please visit www.liberaljudaism.org/education-hub

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