Rabbi Dr Dalia Marx joins lunchtime study session

27 July 2017

Rabbi Dr Dalia Marx, a visiting academic from Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem, led a special Mishnah study session at Liberal Judaism’s London head office.

Dalia took a group of 10 people through two texts, one from Pirkei Avot and one from Berachot, leading into a discussion about whether the Mishnah’s attention to detail on the Temple was an attempt to give rabbis authority, via attachment to that period, or a necessary public evil.

Our regular lunchtime Mishnah study sessions are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 12-2pm at the Montagu Centre, 21 Maple St, London, W1T 4BE. They are run by Liberal Judaism and the Lyons Learning Project.

The course offers an introduction to rabbinic literature, focusing each month on a different aspect of the Mishnah edited by Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi in 200 CE. Sessions are led by Rabbis Danny Rich and Neil Janes, along with regular guests.

Danny is the senior rabbi of Liberal Judaism. Neil is part of the rabbinic team at West London (Reform) Synagogue, executive director of the Lyons Learning Project and a lecturer at Leo Baeck College.

Neil said: “These sessions are a chance for us to think about our literary heritage as Progressive Jews and how we create a Judaism relevant for today.”

People can attend all sessions, or just one. They are completely free. For more information, or to confirm your place, please email Tom on t.rich@liberaljudaism.org.

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