Liberal Judaism Biennial At Home – Shabbat service details

11 May 2020 – 17 Iyyar 5780
Rabbi Rebecca Birk

11 May 2020

We are less than two weeks away from Liberal Judaism’s Biennial At Home – bringing all the best bits of our movement’s flagship event directly to you.

We are now delighted to announce the services for the weekend, which will be led by some of the most senior and well-respected rabbis in British Progressive Judaism and delivered straight to your computer, tablet or phone.

On Friday May 22, the Erev Shabbat service will be from our new draft Siddur and led by two of the rabbis on its editorial group. This will be the first chance for members and friends of Liberal Judaism to experience the draft Friday night service from our new liturgy and feedback on it.

On the morning of Saturday May 23, we are delighted that Rabbis Rebecca Birk (pictured), Rachel Benjamin, Igor Zinkov and René Pfertzel will unite to lead a special Shabbat service showing the depth and variety of Liberal Judaism in prayer.

As part of this Shabbat service, we are inviting each community to send us a photo of their ark, or another item that evokes their congregation, so that we can display it during the service. Please email your pictures to Rafe on

Both services will be followed by a virtual kiddish and the chance for people to chat to old friends and make new ones, just like when we meet in person.

Finally, in our great Biennial Weekend tradition, Havdalah will be conducted by our youth movement LJY-Netzer – so expect lots of singing, joy and kef (fun).

The Biennial At Home – which takes place from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 May – will also feature three days of sessions, discussions and evening entertainment that people are free to dip in and out of as they choose.

The event’s theme is Liberal Judaism: Collaboratory – providing an open space and a creative process where partners work together.

The Biennial At Home is open to both members and non-members of Liberal Judaism and is being offered completely free to take account of the difficult times we are in (however if you are able to make a donation, it will enable us to keep all of our wonderful online resources  and events such as this free).

To book your place on the Biennial At Home, please click here.


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