Learn about the time Shammai’s students killed Hillel’s

2 March 2020 – 6 Adar 5780
Student Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber

 2 March 2020

Student Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber (pictured) will be leading a special one-off Education Hub class this Wednesday.

Entitled ‘When Shammai’s Students Killed Hillel’s Students’ it will look at a fast day that used to be in the Jewish calendar on the Ninth of Adar.

Gabriel said: “On the evening of this year’s Ninth of Adar (Wednesday 4 March), we’ll gather to learn about what happened on the fateful day when there was a massacre in the study hall.

“Hillel and Shammai are always depicted as being the best of friends; what went wrong and how should we remember it? Observing the Ninth of Adar dropped out of custom centuries ago. This year, we’ll dust it off and see what to make of it in the 21st century – and how it provides us with an important message about silencing behaviour in Anglo-Jewry.”

This week’s Education Hub will also feature our popular Introduction to Judaism & Biblical Hebrew, led by Rabbi Janet Burden, and the continuation of Rabbi Pete Tobias’ five week Putting the ‘O’ in God course.

The Education Hub takes place on Wednesday nights at the Montagu Centre in Central London from 7-9pm, with an optional Ma’ariv service at 6.30pm. It costs £5 per class (or £20 for a term) with a light pescatarian supper provided.

To find out more about all our courses, and to book your place, please visit www.liberaljudaism.org/education-hub/


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