Reading community welcome back Rabbi Willy Woolf

15 July 2019

Rabbi Willy Woolf returned to visit Reading Liberal Jewish Community more than 40 years after he originally helped to set up the congregation.

The Shabbat service for his return was given added meaning as it was led by Rabbi Rachel Benjamin, who was herself ordained by Rabbi Willy in 1998.

Giving the final blessing, Rabbi Willy told the community: “We have enjoyed a service together l’dor v’dor (from generation to generation) with the youngest congregant of only a few months old to those in their 90s!”

The community’s Hannah Rudenski said: “It was a most enjoyable Shabbat and the visit of Rabbi Willy was a delightful surprise. He is particularly dear to the community because of his close involvement with our inception. It was so moving to hear him address us all once more with loving words and give the final blessing.”

To find out more about Rabbi Willy Woolf, including the movie made about his life as “the most unconventional rabbi in the world”, please visit

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