Statement on London Bridge Attacks

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On Saturday night many people across the world went to sleep with their phones and computers glued to their sides, thinking about loved ones caught up in the terrorist attacks in London.

We know that, for many people, it seems we have entered a new reality and, for others, that we have crossed back into one.

Words like ‘we will stay strong’ and ‘we are united’ are essential, but we also recognise how exhausting it can be to wake up and go to sleep worried for loved ones, our children’s future and for ourselves.

But we must stand by our words, and greet this hatred with love and a belief that the future for Britain lies only in our community being united by our support of difference and tolerance.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are mourning, those whose loved ones are missing and those who had to witness and live with the aftermath of these horrific attacks.

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