Statement on Manchester Attack

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23 May 2017

Rabbi Danny Rich, Senior Rabbi of Liberal Judaism

The thoughts and prayers of us all are with the families and people of Manchester, and everyone affected by last night’s terror.

We appreciate the efforts of the emergency and security services and are emboldened by the simple acts of kindness by so many people of all faiths and races who left their beds to assist their neighbours, and fellow human beings.
It is these people, not a murderous individual, who represent the decency of humanity and in unity we shall yet overcome those who seek to terrorise us.
A statement from Gershon Silins, minister at Manchester Liberal Jewish Community

It doesn’t make sense to many of us that such an atrocity could be carried out at a concert attended by children and young teenagers. A place usually filled with joy and excitement.

As we woke up today to the news that dozens upon dozens of young lives have been prematurely lost, and many more changed significantly, the horror of the situation is incomprehensible. For so many families, today is just the beginning of mourning for lives lost, or a new reality of family members irrevocably damaged.

But as the stories come in of the emergency service teams working tirelessly at the scene, of the local families and businesses opening their doors, we are reminded that it is precisely at times like these that our bond as a community is strengthened – not diminished.

Today we stand side by side in the wake of this atrocity. In support of the bereaved and the injured. Today we all stand together.

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