Kehillah North London

Shulamit Ambalu studied at Leo Baeck College and was ordained in 2004. She has worked with North London Progressive Jewish Community ever since. She really appreciates the diversity of this inner city synagogue, and the challenge of building up a cohesive and intergenerational local community in a part of London that sees so much constant change. NLPJC is thriving and lively. Some of its members are enthusiastically committed to the programme of Jewish learning, others enjoy the social life and creative opportunities; some are motivated by the synagogue’s involvement in action for social justice. Some members come to lots of services; many others would describe themselves as secular. Quite a few would say they are both! It is a fantastic space for creating a Jewish life with non-Jewish partners and family members.

Before coming to the rabbinate, she worked as a Speech and Language Therapist in the NHS for 14 years. She is a passionate learner and teacher, and is constantly occupied with the questions of how we form a relationship with the Judaism(s) of the past, giving meaning and depth to our lives today.

She lives with Rebekka, her civil partner, and their two daughters, aged 8 and 3.