Breakdown of classes for Rabbi Lea Mühlstein's online Biblical Hebrew Course (June - November 2019)
LessonDateCurriculumChapter in The First Hebrew Primer
14 June 2019Review of the Alphabet, Sheva, Odd Vowels, and Dagesh1-3
211 June 2019Nouns and Verbs: Masculine, Feminine, Plural4-6
318 June 2019The Perfect Tense and the Direct Object7-8
NO CLASS25 June 2019
42 July 2019Word Pairs: Singular and Plural9-10
59 July 2019The Imperfect Tense11
616 July 2019Drop Letter Imperfects12
723 July 2019Sentences without Verbs and the Adjective13-14
830 July 2019Possessive Endings: Singular Nouns15
96 August 2019Prepositions with Pronoun Endings16
1013 AugustThe Reversing Vav17
113 September 2019The Participle18
1210 September 2019Commands and Numbers19
1317 September 2019The Infinitive and Verb Review20
1424 September 2019Hollow Verbs: Pa'al21
NO CLASS1 October 2019
NO CLASS8 October 2019
1515 October 2019Possessive Endings: Plural Nouns22
1622 October 2019The Binyanim - an introduction and reviewN/A
NO CLASS29 October 2019
175 November 2019The Pi'el23
1812 November 2019The Hif'il24-26
1919 November 2019The Nif'al28
2026 November 2019The Hitpa'el29