Liberal Judaism’s rabbis present an audio Pesach Seder

9 April 2020 – 15 Nisan 5780
Liberal Judaism Passover

9 April 2020

The Liberal Conference of Rabbis and Cantors has produced a unique audio Seder to bring the beauty of Passover directly into British homes.

Produced for BBC radio, the 10 minute broadcast is aimed to be enjoyed by both members of the Jewish community and those of all faiths and none.

It sees 16 of Liberal Judaism’s rabbis in prayer and song, as they teach about the 15 different elements of our Pesach Seder and the retelling of the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

The broadcast came out of an idea by Rabbi Jackie Tabick, of West Central Liberal Synagogue, to make sure everyone was able to enjoy a Seder this year – especially those who are isolated and may not be in a position to use technology to take part in Passover virtually. The recording was then put together by Liberal Judaism’s director of strategy and partnerships Rabbi Charley Baginsky and Jon Fiber.

You can listen to it below or by clicking here:

The order of the Liberal Judaism audio seder is:

Introduction – Rabbi Charley Baginsky
1. Neirot – Rabbi Monique Mayer
2. Kaddish – Rabbi Dr Margaret Jacobi
3. Karpas – Rabbi Aaron Goldstein
4. Lachma – Rabbi Jackie Tabick
5. Arba’ah -Rabbi Alexandra Wright
6. Haggadah – Rabbi Dr René Pfertzel
7. Pesach – Student Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber
8. Matzah – Rabbi Richard Jacobi
9. Maror – Rabbi Ariel J Friedlander
10. Koreich – Rabbi Elana Dellal
11. Shulchan Aruch – Rabbi Danny Rich
12. Tzafun – Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein
13. Baruch – Rabbi Lea Mühlstein
14. Hallel – Rabbi Yuval Keren
15. Nirtzah – Rabbi Cantor Gershon Silins


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