Ba’alei Tefillah is Liberal Judaism’s lay leadership programme, training members so that they can lead all aspects of a service in their community – including reading from the Torah and delivering a sermon.
From its origins, Liberal Judaism has always celebrated the partnership of a professional rabbinate and committed lay men and women. The movement is committed to strengthening local communities by nurturing the skills and commitment of individuals.
Since 2010, the Ba’alei Tefillah programme has given participants the opportunity to meet and work with fellow Liberal Jews from all over the UK, to study and discuss the rich tradition and meaning of Jewish liturgy and its role in modern Jewish communities.
Participants learn about the essential elements of the Jewish prayer service and speaking confidently in front of others, as well as ways in which they can serve their communities as informed and engaged members.
The course includes a mix of distance learning, group get-togethers and a summer residential retreat.
The LJ Learning Network was created in 2013 as a response to the need of community educators for training, networking, and sharing of resources and experiences in our movement. On this background we have run a plethora of seminars for everyone involved in children’s learning on subjects like: Safeguarding, Learning Disabilities, especially autism, creative curricula, sensitive teenage Holocaust education, Israel and Hebrew. The seminars are suitable for all levels of teaching experience.
We currently run a yearly educators seminar together with MRJ in January, as well as providing curricula, and support for headteachers and chedarim.
If you would like support, have an idea or would like to get involved please contact our Education Consultant.
The Learning Circle
From 13 September 2016
The LJS 5777 adult education programme
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Leo Baeck College Lehrhaus
October 2016 – May 2017
A range of adult education courses from LBC (face to face and online courses available)
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Marcus Sefton Green Shiurim
18 October 2016 – 27 June 2017
A series of lunchtime lectures at LBC
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Finchley Progressive Synagogue Beit Midrash
12 January – 23 February 2017
A series on the theme of ‘The Jewish Contribution to Modern History’.
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Building Your Jewish Literacy [Online]
Tuesdays, Monthly
24 January – 11 July 2017
A chance to explore the basics of Jewish text and history as well as creative applications for the classroom
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The Shoah: A Historical & Topical Overview
Tuesdays, Weekly
21 February – 21 March 2017
An exploration of the history of the Nazi Shoah (Holocaust), and the experience of some of those affected. This course is suitable both for those with no prior knowledge of the Shoah, and for those who have met aspects of this subject before.
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Hebrew Crash Course
Friday 3 – Sunday 5 March 2017
The annual opportunity to learn how to read, improve your fluency and understanding of Hebrew over a weekend of stimulating community.
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Interreligious Understanding Today
Starts: 3 April 2017
An exploration of different kinds of interreligious understanding between Abrahamic religions and beyond.
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Liberal Judaism’s Resource Bank is your essential guide to running a community, containing invaluable advice, downloadable template documents and training opportunities.
You will find teaching resources for the whole community, including cheder and adult learning curricula, service booklets for every occasion, sermons to share, musical recordings, PR templates and a library of books and DVDs you can borrow.
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The 2013 Day of Celebration saw the launch of the LAFTAs (Liberal Academy for Film and Torah Awards), a competition where Liberal Judaism religion schools are asked to make a short film on a Jewish topic, linked to the biannual Day of Celebration theme.
This year’s LAFTAs theme is: What would your community look like in the Messianic Age?

This year we want communities to think about creating an ideal world. Imagine a world where everyone is working together towards social justice, environmental stability, global harmony – what are the issues that matter to your community specifically, and how are you using Liberal Jewish values to work on them? How does your community envision the Messianic Age?
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