Yom Shishi, 3 Elul 5774
Friday, 29 August 2014
GLJC celebrate Sukkot in style

Gloucestershire Liberal Jewish Community, 21st October 2011

Members of Gloucestershire Liberal Jewish Community (GLJC) are good at thinking “big”! The community has only been in existence for three years, but has made great strides since its formation.

Last Sunday’s AGM saw Rabbi Anna Gerrard leading the community in a fascinating “visualisation” exercise: if money were no object, how would we wish our community to develop? What would it offer its members? How would it feel to be a part of the community? What physical as well as spiritual characteristics would it possess?

Members were encouraged to “think outside the box” and get the creative juices flowing. Continuing the creative spirit of the afternoon, there then followed a wonderful cross-generation celebration of Sukkot. The children put the final touches to the decoration of the Sukkah and then the real fun began: under Rabbi Anna’s direction and seemingly out of nowhere, a mini-play, a fully choreographed Lullav-shaking dance and a song were produced.

The collaborators spanned an age-range of six to eighty-something and inspiration struck with impressive success! Here (with sincere apologies to “Queen”!) are the words to “We Will Praise You”(inspired by the Hallel – and to be sung to the tune of “We Will Rock You”!): We will, we will praise You! We will, we will praise You! People may come, people may go, Wherever we are, His love will grow. Some may cook, some may eat, Some will book the halls to meet! Chorus: Some may dance from dusk to dawn, One may blow the Shofar horn! Some may pray and some may sing, Some may do their very own thing!