Yom Shishi, 26 Av 5774
Friday, 22 August 2014
Up, up and away for the LJY-Netzer Shnatties

On October 10th, LJY-Netzer said goodbye and good luck to their five ‘Shnatties’: Ben Leibowitz, Abby Melcher, Tara Dein, Jess Kempner and Dan Aron, who will be spending their gap year in Israel on ‘Shnat Netzer’, the gap year programme run by Netzer Olami, which involves volunteering, studying and having an amazing time.

The shnatties will spend their first month on Kibbutz Lotan (A Progressive Jewish Kibbutz) in the Arava Desert living in ecological geo-domes and learning about permaculture. They will then go on to work as volunteers on Kibbutz Lotan for three months.

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