Yom Shishi, 26 Av 5774
Friday, 22 August 2014
Liberal Judaism condemns the use of the Israeli flag by the English Defence League

Liberal Judaism is profoundly disturbed by the English Defence League’s use of the Israeli flag in their recent protests. This misappropriation of a powerful symbol of our people’s two thousand year history is deeply offensive, and attempts to drives a wedge between the Jewish community and our Muslim neighbours. The Israeli flag has no place in the hands of those who would perpetuate such divisiveness in this day and age.

Moreover, we condemn the ongoing destructive and discriminatory actions of the English Defence League, as we denounce all attempts to incite hatred and hostility in our society.

“As seekers of God and children of Abraham, we stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters in the face of this unashamed Islamophobia, refusing to grant a victory to those who work to divide us. We are profoundly distressed and deeply saddened by the incidents of intimidation and violence committed against British Muslims, and we stand by the principle that to attack any religion in Britain is to do violence to the religious freedom of all citizens” says Rabbi Rich, Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism.

Our hope is that the people of Britain will not permit fanaticism to grow or prejudice to harden. We must continue to build on the British tradition of strength through diversity, accepting and respecting individuals of all cultures and backgrounds who work to make our country a haven of justice, tolerance and equality.