Yom Shishi, 3 AdarI 5776
Friday, 12 February 2016
Chief Executive Announces Policy of Considered Engagement

Liberal Judaism, 27th July 2011

Liberal Judaism operates a policy of ‘considered engagement’ which means that its Chief Executive (and members of his staff) and the Chairman and other National Officers review each and every invitation that is received and decide on an individual basis whether a Liberal Judaism representative will participate

Liberal Judaism – particularly Rabbi Danny Rich, its Chief Executive – receive many such invitations, and accept the overwhelming majority even where the aims of the hosting organisation or the views of other participants (if known) are not in accord with the articulated policies of Liberal Judaism.

Liberal Judaism is committed to encouraging debate on the controversial and cutting edge challenges of today and tomorrow, and, therefore, frequently finds itself participating in places and in topics where others fear to enter.

Liberal Judaism believes that its values are worth contributing to the intellectual market place, and further realises that it is, therefore, necessary to speak to audiences which hold contrary views rather than ones which simply acclaim Liberal Judaism’s existing policies.

Outside of Liberal Judaism, Danny Rich has recently spoken at the Molesey Churches Together, the Palestine society of University College, the Islamic Cultural Centre (St John’s Wood), North West Surrey (Reform) Synagogue, and at Methodist Central Hall, and in Spain and Poland.