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Monday, 3 August 2015

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Ipswich celebrates first bar mitzvah for 140 years
A barmitzvah celebration has taken place in Ipswich for the first time in 140 years.
On Saturday May 9, Jon Emlyn made a little piece of history by reading from the Torah in a special service held under the auspices of the Suffolk Liberal Jewish Community.
In the nineteenth century Ipswich had its own synagogue but the community began to move away in the 1850's and the synagogue was demolished in 1877. The Suffolk Jewish Community was formed by four people in 2005. It affiliated to Liberal Judaism in 2014.
The bar mitzvah boy's mother grew up in New York and his father is from Wales. Family members from both locations, and other local visitors, joined the community for the service.
Beverley Levy, one of the founding members of the community, said: “We don’t have our own premises and we don’t have a Sefer Torah. So we hired a small local theatre and borrowed a Torah from our good friends in the Colchester and District Jewish Community.
“There was a lovely atmosphere, we had lots of visitors and we hope it was a good showcase for Liberal Judaism. We look forward to more families coming to Suffolk and giving us other opportunities like this.”
LJY-Netzer member stars in hit TV show

LJY-Netzer member Miranda Robshaw has starred in one of this year’s most popular TV shows.

Three million people tuned in each week on BBC2 to watch Miranda and her family in Back in Time for Dinner, a time-traveling culinary show.

Miranda – along with mum Rochelle, dad Brandon, sister Rosalind and brother Fred – showed how they would have eaten as a family living in each of the post-war decades in the 20th century.

Living a different year every day, the family not only ate the relevant food from that decade – but had their kitchen and sitting room remodelled as if they were really living in the era.

The show was a hit with fans and critics, becoming one of the most watched factual programmes of the last 12 months.

Miranda, who is an active member of Liberal Judaism’s youth movement, said:

"Over the summer, my family took part in a social experiment where we lived through the decades from the 50s to the 90s. We wore the clothes, ate the food and lived the life as a family would have done in each decade. It was an amazing experience for the whole family, and one I will never forget - I really feel as thought I've lived through the 50s, which is quite a unique feeling for someone born in 1996!"

Liberal Judaism launches Day of Celebration programme

Liberal Judaism is proud to launch the hotly anticipated programme for the 2015 Day of Celebration.
As part of our contemplation and celebration of Liberal Judaism's relationship with Israel, participants will hear from headline speakers Anat Hoffman, Reut Michaeli and Rabbi Miri Gold as well as
presenters from progressive Israel charities and the Liberal Judaism community.

Details of the programme are as follows:


If you like the look of what you see here, book now at http://tinyurl.com/LJDOC2015

You can download this short version of the programme here

*Please note that the session times and titles are subject to change.

Grant awarded for day of Celebration travel subsidies

Thanks to a generous grant from the NLPS Trust, we are delighted to be able to offer travel subsidies to anyone wishing to attend the Day of Celebration from outside the M25.

Communities will be eligible to apply for reimbursement of up to 50% of the cost of hiring a coach or minibus for a group of 12 or more travelling together to and from the Day of Celebration. Additionally, should applicants prefer to·travel·by car, provided that there are at least four people sharing the car, up to 50% of the cost of petrol may be claimed.

Requests should be emailed to Yael Shotts (y.shotts@liberaljudaism.org), supplying the following information:

  • Name(s) of Congregation/Congregations travelling together
  • Approximate number of people travelling
  • Full cost of hire
  • Name of Hire firm or Council Transportation Office
  • Name of person making the application
  • Email address of person making the application
  • Contact telephone numbers of person making the application


    Congregations that are able to share transportation will be given preference.  Congregations are also urged, where feasible, to investigate Local Council transportation options in addition to commercial hire firms.

Requests for reimbursements should be submitted with copy of invoice/receipt as soon as possible after the event but no later than Monday 15th June.  Any requests received AFTER this date will not be considered.  Congregations will be notified of the level of reimbursement once all requests have been processed.

Anat Hoffman joins LJ Day of Celebration

Liberal Judaism is excited to be able to announce that Anat Hoffman will be presenting at this year's Day of Celebration.

Anat joins an exciting line-up of speakers for Liberal Judaism's biggest event of the year, which will take place on Sunday June 7 at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue.

Anat is an Israeli activist and Executive Director of the IRAC (Israel Religious Action Centre), Anat has also has been at the forefront of Women at the Wall. Anat said of her appearance at the event: "It is time for all of us who refuse to divest ourselves of hope for Israel to unite together."

She wil form part of an already packed programme speaking alongside Rabbi Miri Gold, Reut Michaeli and a senior Israeli VIP. 

Rabbi Lea Mühlstein, the Chair of Programming for the Day of Celebration, said: "It is a testament to an excellent programme and the seriousness with which Liberal Judaism takes engagement with Israel that Anat is excited to be part of our Day of Celebration.

"Anat will lead two sessions on 'What we don't talk about when we focus on Israel's security'. She will celebrate with us the successes of the work of IRAC in the fields of women's rights, religious pluralism and freedom of conscience. With us, she will contemplate on the tasks ahead for IRAC in their struggle to fight racism against minorities in Israel."

Find out more about the Day of Celebration and book your tickets by visiting http://tinyurl.com/LJDOC2015. Alternatively, contact Yael Shotts on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 020 7631 9824. Tickets cost £25 for adults, £12 for children or £50 for a family ticket (two adults and up to four children)

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