09:00   Shabbat Shacharit

09:45   Welcome
  • Rounds
  • Expectations and what we hope to build this weekend
  • Housekeeping
10:30   Synagogue Culture
  • How do we create synagogues with cultures of participation, knowing each other, stepping up to take on leadership roles, and meaning?
  • What is organising, and what does organising do to build this?
11:00   Power Part I
  • Athenian - Melian dialogue & What are our attitudes to winning our goals and power?
13:00   Lunch

14:00   Power Part II
  • Running away from and running to power (Pesachim 39b)
  • Jewish views on the world as it is/should be
  • What is power and who is it so important?
14:45   Power Analysis
  • Understanding the practical dynamics in your congregation
15:30   Tea Break

15:45   Self Interest AKA Getting your community to act by building on what they care about - not what you think they should care about
  • Why do people come to event X but not event Y
  • How to understand your own self interest and that of your community
  • Text study: Genesis 19
17:00   Havdallah & Close
    08:30   Tea, coffee & biscuits

    09:00   Recap & reactions

    09:30   Individual conversations
    AKA how to actually get to know your community, discover talent, and build leadership 10:30   Tea Break

    10:45   Cycle of Action
    • How can communities plan effective campaigns or projects
    12:15   How can I use community organising for congregational development?
    • How can I not rely on the same people for everything?
    • How do we move our communities from activity to action?
    • How do we not let committees drain our energy?
    • How can we build new members' involvement in our community?
    12:45   Lunch

    13:30   How to identify leaders and build teams
    • What is leadership?
    • How do we develop leadership>
    14:30   Listening campaigns and how these tools can be used practically in synagogues

    15:00   Tea Break

    15:15   Where to from here?
    • How are the movements and communities able to act on this, and what support is there?
    15:30   Creating plans
    • How do I use what I've learnt this weekend?
    16:00   Closing rounds & Evaluation

    17:00   End