Liberal Judaism rabbi advises BBC Holby City storyline

22 August 2017

Liberal Judaism’s Rabbi Charley Baginsky has been advising hit BBC One show Holby City with its recent Jewish storyline.

Charley, who is the movement’s director of strategy and partnerships, contributed to scripts featuring the character Sacha Levy.

The doctor, played by Bob Barrett, rediscovers his Judaism on the show. In the most recent episode, his rabbi is taken ill leading to a bedside adult Kabbalat Torah (confirmation) ceremony for Sacha.

Liberal Judaism was mentioned numerous times in the episode, with Progressive Jewish liturgy used on air for the ceremony.

Charley said: “It was a honour to work on Holby City, a show that I have always loved and which is so popular with many of my friends and colleagues.

“As is typical, when working with those outside of Judaism, the scriptwriters initially had a somewhat stereotyped view of our religion.

“Through working closely with them, we were able to create a storyline that showed a forward-facing modern Judaism fitting with Sacha’s character and lifestyle.

“Just like the fictional Sacha was helped to find meaning on the show, so many people are finding their Jewish home in Liberal Judaism out here in the real world.”

You can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer here

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This story was also featured in The Jewish News.

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